Elite 11 Camp


I saw this tweet earlier today. Chandler Morris was ranked 11 yesterday. Absent from the top 11 today.

Interesting since there was no Day 3.

Maybe that watched tape after the event was over.

Are we still on Haynes King or has that ship sailed?

Sailed awhile ago.


Listening to him talk this weekend, it sounds like he is going to end up at Auburn on Tennessee.

It appears they 40 tested them, and had them throwing to the 1 vs 1 for the guys there for the Opening.

Don’t know how others did, but Chandler reportedly recorded a long-toss of 56 yards today.

Believe me, I know a lot more goes into effective quarterbacking and passing than pure arm strength; but that is a surprisingly short throw for a D1 QB. These days, I’m surprised when a long-throw is anything short of 60 yards; most are in the mid-60’s.

In reality, a QB is asked/needs to throw the ball farther than 50 yards very infrequently; but, this speaks to overall arm strength and generally translates to velocity on shorter passes as well.

Not trying to poop poop any of your points, but just trying to add a bit more perspective to it. I just watched an old NFL QB Challenge. One of those pro-bowl weekend type events. It was an old one and featured a VERY young Peyton Manning, Randal Cunningham, Drew Bledsoe, and a host of others. Anyways to my point. These are all NFL QBs (ie grown men) and in the long ball toss, the longest throw was on the final attempt by Randal Cunningham at 76 yards. Previous long was also by Randal of 72. Almost all the other NFL QBs threw from 62 to 68 yards. Now you must consider these guys all work-out year round, weight train, strength train, etc. So I’m not going to worry when a kid not even out off High School is throwing 56 yards. That’s just 10 yards less than the NFL average and he has plenty of growing, training, and body sculpting left to do.

Just my opine and its not even worth the ink to print it on the board, but there ya go.

56 isn’t elite arm strength by any means, but it’s definitely not shabby and is D1 level.

The camp that Starkel went to, where he recorded the second furthest with 67 yards, mid 60s, Among all top tier College quarter backs.

Oklahoma’s spencer rattler has a 56 yard throw I believe.

It’s not elite arm strength, but if you have that with accuracy you’ll be fine.

Haynes king only threw 4 more with a throw of 60.

Hudson card threw 1 less, at 55, and 2 others threw below that.

Finley, LSU commit who is the biggest guy there and been raves about physically by a lot of people… only threw 58, I’d say his was the most disappointing considering he’s a big, big guy.

I’m just not clear on the Day 3 results, who’s reporting them, and how they impact the composite grades. But, 247 reported Chandler as having the #3 results on Day 3.

Sounds good to me, but they differ from other results being reported…and I’m wondering if the results are empirically or subjectively based.

The 24/7 guys that are there said the Elite 11 rankings were voted on by the kids this year, for the first time. They have their DD type guys there doing their own rankings.

I’ll admit to being skeptical at first about Chandler and Jaccolby, just because that is my nature after years of doing this.

But I am now all aboard with both.

Not trying to make too much of a “thing” about CM’s arm strength - it is what it is, and we’ll know soon enough if it’s an issue, or not.

But, simply responding to your “perspective” . . . in my experience, QB’s at this level generally have 98% of the arm strength/length they will ultimately develop by the time they are HS seniors. It’s not like weight lifting for OL, which can see dramatic improvement over the college years. Yes, QB’s to lift - but it normally does not transfer into increased length of throw so much as as it allows them to withstand the wear and tear of the physical toll they take. Most of those NFL QB’s you mentioned probably threw very close to what they posted at that competition when they were 18 years old. Joe Ferguson was said to have been able to stand at the 20 yard line and throw it in the other end zone, and he was 6’1" and 165 lbs.

Matt Jones - one of if not my very favorite Razorback Football player to watch on the field - was none-the-less considered to have a “mediocre” arm at the SEC level. However, IIRC, he won the long throw at an OU camp with a toss of 67 or 68 yards.

To get back to the bottom line, I DO believe that too much is made of arm strength. Decision making, and pulling the right trigger in a timely fashion is the most important trait (IMO) for a QB to have. That said, there is a minimum below which there just isn’t enough “zip” on passes in high level competition. I have to trust that this is not the case with CM, or else he wouldn’t have been recruited by the teams that offered him besides us (Clemson, OU).