Elimination Game: Free Shoes vs Cowbells

I’ve felt that FSU was overrated this season so I’m sort of piling on, but I was greatly surprised that MSU was sent to the woodshed yesterday by the Sooners. It’s only fitting that a #1 lost to a #4 yesterday, just to highlight that those games can be competititve. However, I’m very glad our Hogs are not playing Dallas Baptist today in the early game.

It’s a pretty good bet that FSU’s season is finished, too. Oh, they might win today, but it’s awfully hard to win the regional from the losers bracket. They’ll have a hard enough time getting past MSU today.

I kinda hate it for their coach, though. He seems to be a nice enough guy, has had lots of success, but has never won the CWS. Of course, had we faced them, I wouldn’t be feeling bad for him at all.

I also hate that Paper-clip U now has such an easy path to the super. They’re very likely to beat the 4 seed today.

I think FSU and Moo U both are overrated!
It makes no difference which team wins to me! But the biggest upset of the opening day goes to Army over NC State!

Figured you might have liked that Army score, Army!!!