Elijah Trest is just nasty in this pitching overlay

That’s just nasty pitching… all the same motion and drastically different results. I really hope he has a big year for the Hogs. The overlay is each pitch separate then the two at the same time.


Wow that is too cool! Whoever come up with that kind of stuff is just awesome. I was very impressed with Trest and Starks last night because the stuff those two guys are throwing it’s not going to be hit by anybody when they’re on. I was very concerned about the bullpen but if those two guys along with Taylor and Morris can pitch the way they can we’re going to be very solid at the end of games.

Thats just Nasty

Trest has the ability he just has to get the confidence under pressure to get the job done.

Hobbs talks with his pitchers so much about tunneling. This is a perfect example.

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