Elijah Moron of Ole Miss

With the moron play of the year. Unbelievable!

Beyond dumb. What a finish.

Glad to see the Rebs fall.

I know football is a game of emotion, but I would hate to have to face my teammates after I put them in this position. While it does not always work this way, it is often enjoyable when Madam Karma makes her grand entrance.

Classless and juvenile. Cost his team a chance to win. But it’s Ole Miss so not surprising.

Kicker still should’ve made it. But agree. Idiot leg lifting. Sort of creative, though. And that comes from a Razorback fan who’s team had been the object of leg lifting the past several years.

Self absorbed player costs his team a shot at OT…pitiful…

Hope that taught all of America’s youth a lesson today.

Isn’t he the same guy that signaled for a fair catch AFTER he caught the punt?

Was it?

Umm, I’m not sure we have any standing at all to make fun of other teams’ special teams gaffes. We lead the field in those.

Larger point on this dog peeing incident — this is a great test case for the kind of head coach we want. Do you think this would ever happen on a Nick Saban or Urban Myer coached team? Lose a game because dumb a** player has a “hey look at me” moment like this? No way. Matt Luke is a bad coach, we know, because this happened. Discipline, detail and respecting the coaches is required to win. Luke didn’t have any of that last night. He doesn’t win and will never win big. Last night is all you need to know about Matt Luke. Just like that North Texas kickoff return last year was all you needed to know about Chad Morris.

Yeah, recruiting is important. Gotta kiss a lot of young mens’ asses in recruiting. But, dammit, you have to kick a lot of asses once these men arrive on campus. There is a fine balance and the good ones know how to create it. That’s the only way to ensure this “selfie generation” doesn’t get you fired. They got Chad Morris fired. And they will get Matt Luke fired eventually.

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Now there is a college student that truly needs a safe space for the next few months…

Making a lot of sense there hawgjawbend…

A lot…

Meyer is not a good person to cite here. He let the Gators run wild on and off the field and it wasn’t much better at tOSU. I agree that Saban would not tolerate that. Luke probably would suspend this guy for the bowl game if they had one. But they don’t.

This is not the first time an OM player did the dog pee routine during the Egg Bowl, by the way; the last one didn’t cost them the game (D.K. Metcalf in 2017). Luke was the IHC then too.

In another era that kid would have been whacked with a newspaper and had his nose rubbed in his own pee. You gonna act like a dog, well…
The fact that the exact same thing did hapoen just two years ago does say alot about Matt Luke. Luke said after the game that was not who they are. That is exactly who they are. Money can’t buy you love, and apparently it can’t buy you class, dignity or common sense either.

Line of the day from ESPN story on the Egg Bowl…

Ole Miss flushed away a golden chance at the Egg Bowl.

That is funny.

Very typical of ole miss players and program. Not surprised at all. What an idiot.

Umm, thanks, Hogjaw, for trying to make my post into a criticism of our special teams play, which has actually been pretty good this year. No doubt, we did have our problems with special teams last year. The point of my post, which apparently sailed right over your head, was a question as to whether or not the dog-peeing incident was the only gaffe made by that guy last night.

You’re welcome. Always glad to make your posts more interesting.

I think little lijah was the same guy who dog peed in his pants, and then made the retroactive fair catch.

No class cheaters from Oxfart, Mississippi ended their season in a most appropriate fashion.