Eli Manning benched by the Giants

This probably should have happened 5 years ago, but Pat Shurmur, the coach, finally pulled the plug on Eli for Daniel Jones of Duke. Eli is a nice guy, but he hasn’t been an elite quarterback for several years. His NFL QB rating has been average at best for some time.

The trade speculation is heating up…Steelers, Saints or Jags is what some NFL experts are thinking. He looked pretty decent against the Cowboys. He has some gas left in the tank. He never looked like he enjoyed playing in the NFL. He looked bored…maybe it was just his personality.

The Giants are going to rebuild…they could get some picks for him, maybe.

I suspect he will retire. He certainly does not need the money. I suspect Big Ben and the NO guy will also retire soon.

I understand the move. Hate it because I always admired all the Mannings, but I can see why they did it.