Eli Gold

The Bama broadcasting legend is doing a wonderful job on the play by play today. He’s calling it pretty even and has good knowledge of the game.

It is funny that he’s bragging about the attendence of 3,600. Which would be over 10,000 at Baum.

I love Eli he is a hoot! enjoy listening to him.

Years ago , back when nascar was good, he did the races for the old TNN network. He did a very good job.

I listened to him early on today. He is very good. But today’s TV guys don’t call every pitch and can make it harder for me to score the game, so I switched to the Arkansas radio broadcast.

The guy doing the radio seemed to me to struggle. He didn’t have a color guy with him & that might have hurt. We’ve been fortunate to have really good baseball play by play announcers for several years. (I don’t really recall who did it before Chuck. I was only mildly interested in UA baseball in the 90’s.)

I thought they were pretty even-handed as well. In fact, complimentary of our program and DVH.

About the attendance, I thought about how a smart-alec with Arkansas gear on could show up, look around at the stadium/crowd and say (loud enough for several around him to hear) “Is this Wednesday? I could have sworn we were playing Bama in front of a weekend crowd.”

Wouldn’t have been the right thing to do, but I could see someone doing that.


Wiz…after sitting in Bryant Denny stadium listening to 80,000 folks doin the Rama Jama insult. I’d say it would be very permissible and actually more than fair game. They are arrogant as the teasippers.

Not that I’m bitter…

Bama fans may be rude at times but I have never had a problem at any games there or anywhere else in the SEC! The crowd was a joke! You will see a real home crowd at Baum this weekend. I enjoy Eli Gold but I prefer our broadcast over any other! They are hogs!

Bama baseball has been down for several seasons. Losing teams do not attract big crowds. They are better, but they are still going to finish in the bottom of the SEC West. Their fans know that. I do not think it was a smart decision a few years ago to play an entire season in Hoover while they redid their stadium and in a losing season.

As far as Eli Gold, he’s a classy guy. My older brother was Executive Director of Crimson Tide Sports Marketing for about eight years. That is the division that over sees the radio broadcasts. He said Eli was a good person and was always nice to everyone. His voice is easily recognizable. I wasn’t really paying attention to who they said was broadcasting the games on the SEC network plus. But when I was in the other room, I told Jean Ann, “This is going to be a good broadcast because Eli Gold always does a classy job.” He did what good announcers do on TV, stay out of the way of the game. I didn’t hear one mistake on names. When you hear the broadcasts that come our way as the Razorbacks hit the road for SEC play, you will hear lots of names messed up. Eli Gold is a pro. He did his homework and got the names right. The only way you do that is to try hard. You spend time with the SIDs and ask for help. I’m sure he did that. It’s exactly the way Chuck Barrett did it all those years.

Yeah he grew on me, first time I watched one of his broadcasts…his interview w the Tide pitcher, one didn’t miss a play because he stopped the interview and called the game…golf story had me smilin’ :slight_smile:

…but I’ll be just fine if I never ever hear about the contact lens or the shortening of the stride, fat chance huh? :sunglasses:

My son and I went to Bryant-Denny in 2011, which was a typical Bama whuppin’. On the way out of the stadium we were accosted by one of the fans who goes to campus to tailgate and has no interest in actually attending the game; he was very well lubricated and even more obnoxious. He decided to lay his full-bore obnoxiousness on my son and I. My kid has never been in a fight in his life, but after a few seconds of that he was ready to kill the Bammer – and I didn’t blame him, but not wishing to spend the night in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, I hauled him out of there before my kid squashed him.

My son refuses to even set foot in the state of Alabama after that. When driving from Arkansas to where he lives now in South Carolina, he made sure he went through Tennessee and around Alabama.

Been to a lot of the SEC stadiums and their fans were the worst by far. Auburn on the other hand are the most polite it always amazes me after we kicked their tail they would be so friendly.

Reminds me of last year . . . when Troy Eklund would re-visit - EVERY game - how difficult it is when the sun/shade line gets about half-way between the pitcher and hitter.

It’s a valid point. I get that. And I also get that even though there is a core audience that watches about every game, there are also new viewers to every broadcast as well. But it’s pretty similar to what you mention above. I got sick of hearing about it, in detail, every afternoon game.

Another Eklund go-to, a couple of seasons ago, was “the Mendoza line”. That season we had a couple of guys right around .200 for much of the early season - I think one was Spanberger, but then he caught fire. The other may have been Jared Gates? Anyway, every game when either came up for their first at-bat, we got the Mendoza line comment. Can’t you just say “these guys are struggling and hovering right around .200” or some other variation at least SOME of the time? Show just a little versatility and creativity.

And then . . . who could forget that we “had the biggest offensive line in the country - college or pro” about 5 years ago? That was another one that got run into the ground by anyone on any network that broadcast one of our football games.

Yeah I hear ya…I guess being a broadcaster is another thing that ain’t as easy as it looks :sunglasses:

There is the Mendoza line and then there was the Vinson line. It sure seemed as though his line was .100 for the longest time. He was a fabulous fielder and hit well towards the end of his Junior year and in the CWS, but only managed a .217 average that year (2012). Vinson hit .286 during his Senior year.

Yeah, we’ve had a few like that - doesn’t seem like we do so much any more.

I remember an outfield named McKinney or McKinley about 10 years ago. My baseball buddy and I were constantly flummoxed because it seemed this guy consistently took pitches right down the middle and almost always stung at pitches in the dirt. He was a fast guy and very good in the field - but he couldn’t hit his weight (around 190 lbs.).

When we see a guy swing at a pitch in the dirt, we frequently will invoke the memory of this guy and chuckle.