Was an elevator installed in the northeast tower? I never could find out from four or five ushers at the game.

Yes, there are elevators in the northeast and northwest corners.

Some in the northwest tower were not operating correctly. The media was told on Monday that we could use them to return to the press box after the game. Then, afterwards our path was blocked by an event management person. Then after asking, we did get to try them. There were three there and none of them worked. Perhaps they were turned off or disabled by that point. It was frustrating to see a nice shiny elevator that would eliminate walking 55 rows of bleachers straight up like I’ve done for 40 years. Well, maybe next time.

My knees hope all is good to go on Sept. 15

They were doing an Auburn test on them. Too bad we play them down there this year. :wink:

The elevators at Auburn are ancient. The ones in the Northwest tower are brand new. Tough to turn and walk away from them like I did Saturday night. I told myself that the climb up the bleachers to the press box was good for my heart. And, I only stopped (briefly) one time. Not bad for 64.

To make matters worse at Auburn, the elevators are small and slow, and preference is given to some riders over others. I remember the 2014 game when the coaches could not get down. Before the game, there was a line of probably 100 or more waiting to get on, and Jesse Palmer walked by everyone and got on by himself. I kind of laughed, but the older people waiting outside the 100-degree heat were pissed. I eventually ended up walking up the ramps. Otherwise I probably would have waited another 30 minutes.

Only one of the elevators was working for the west side suites either. Its been this way for years…I can’t believe with the kind of stadium we have and the price charged for suites that they can’t get elevators to work 7 times a year, especially since its been an long term, on going problem. I waited probably 20 minutes for an elevator Saturday and missed kickoff.

We actually entered the stadium at Gate 14 to see the sights, and then used the northwest elevator to get up to the upper deck. Only one elevator was working, but my knees did thank me for using the elevator.