Elander is ...

… my preference for Vitello’s replacement. Yeah, I can imagine the concerns - young, inexperienced, a lot of things not (yet) on the resume… But I think you could do a lot worse than Elander as an up-and-comer who has SERIOUS upside potential. I have to imagine that as a recruiter he would have an immediate rapport with a ton of recruits. As a hitting instructor I think he’s ready for the job already. Previous articles have been very high on him. He seems to have an outstanding impact on the players both during the games and later. I’ve hired more than a few folks in my day and with the intangibles and proven skills I see here it would be hard for me not to go in this direction as this one has all of the right instincts that appeal to me.

Van Horn has incredible reach and contacts throughout the baseball world. I have no doubts he will come up with an A+ replacement. My guess is that Vitello and he have had conversations about when Vitello should accept one of the numerous offers that have come his way. Yeah, Van Horn is probably narrowing down his short list already.

I’m good with whoever Van Horn chooses. Go Hogs!

The lack of recruiting experience makes it to where I don’t think he’ll be a candidate.

I would not be surprised to see Elander end up at Tennessee in some capacity now that Vitello is the head coach there. It’d be much easier for him to get his foot in the door there as an unexperienced recruiter than it would be at Arkansas for multiple reasons, one being that Vitello likely is still going to be on the road quite a bit, at least at first.

I agree with Matt. I think that DVH will try to hire a proven, top-notch recruiter. Whoever that is may only last a few years as Vitello did, but they can contribute.

What about Chris Currie at Little Rock? He is a former volunteer assistant or GA.

I don’t think it will be Chris. He seems to be happy where he is as a head coach.

I think Dave will go after a much more experienced recruiter than Josh Elander. Plus, Josh is close to Tony Vitello. That is a good fit for the two of them.

I had given that question some thought. I think you may be right. I think Josh could handle the hitting duties and be good at it. The key is the recruiting aspect. I think Josh may even be up to making a really good recruiter. However, it is not Arkansas’ style to promote a volunteer assistant (I agree that Elander is no ordinary volunteer assistant). It would take a leap of faith but I would not be displeased.

So here is the back story on promoting a volunteer coach to hitting coach. Van Horn had a chance to do that already with a top notch prospect, Brian Walker. Van Horn repeatedly told Walker that to get an SEC job of this level, he’d have to go prove himself as a recruiter and learn that part of the job before he’d consider him. Walker did try that at Wichita State, but the results were such that Walker resigned last week. So that’s the worry with a young coach who has not been a recruiter. You never know how that’s going to turn out. You can be an outstanding hitting coach, but if you are not also an outstanding recruiter then it’s not the right fit. Elander will have to prove himself. Tennessee is not Arkansas as far as SEC baseball right now. Perhaps the Vols can afford to take a chance, but Dave Van Horn won’t have to take a chance. He has the budget and the reputation to hire a top hitting/recruiting coach.

Clay, your analysis makes a lot of sense.

I hate to see Elander move on; that kind of talent doesn’t come along every day.

Have to admit I don’t really know what the NCAA allows for the makeup of the baseball coaching staff. Are there any other staff position(s) available in addition to HC / Pitching Coach / Hitting Coach? I assume the Recruiting Coordinator title is assignable to either of the Asst. Coaches?

DVH has proven he’ll put a good product on the field and hire top talent to lead them. I just think we’d be better with Elander than without him.

Baseball staffs are able to have three coaches: the head coach and two assistants. They also have a director of operations, which is not a coaching position.

The recruiting coordinator is an assistant coach. The two assistants don’t have to be a pitching coach and hitting coach, like Arkansas does it. Texas A&M has two position coaches - both of whom work with hitters - and head coach Rob Childress is the pitching coach.

Thanks Matt.

Elander is going to be back at Arkansas as a volunteer coach next year.

A little more on Elander coming back: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … hogs-2018/

Very glad to see this! Thanks guys for being THE source on all things related to Razorback baseball

I’ve been told that Elander is a serious candidate to be hired away by Tennessee, perhaps as a full-time hitting coach.

Now confirmed: Elander is going to Tennessee

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … eer-coach/

on the loss of Elander (especially after we thought he was staying.)

on the hiring of Parry. I’m sure DVH has a list of potential replacements for all of his staff and the candidates are all quality.

How do you “hire” a volunteer coach? Is there remuneration outside of salary?