Either aTm OL really good or our DL not as good as advertised

There taking to us up the gut and between the tackles

They are worn out.

They can’t possibly be tired. We’ve run 20 more plays and our DL basically rested the entire 3rd quarter.
It’s right up the gut. I don’t know football well enough but it seems either a DT or a MLB is getting roasted.

Wore out? RUK me? We have like 15 or 20 more minutes or something like that in top

More to it than talent. We got schemed tonight That happens Aggies had a very good game plan. It looked to me like the Aggies were creating misalignments.

They out schemed us on both sides. I was impressed with their Oline. I don’t think our Dline was bad, but I do think A&M is better than we thought on both lines. Scheme and talent differentials are hard to over come.

mena among boys,wasnt any sxheme tbey put a hat on a hat and we never got of the blocks…got our butt kicked no excuses please!