Eight vs nine games?

I remember a few months ago there were reports that some SEC schools preferred to go to nine games after the expansion and others wanted to stay with eight games. Arkansas was reported to be one of the schools that preferred eight games, I’m seeing this morning that this divide still exists and nine games is not a slam dunk. (I should have asked HY about this last Saturday at Columbia, but who knew?) It may take ESPN sweetening the pot by a few million to get the rest to come along to nine games.

Remember, 8 games would be 1-7-7, one permanent rival and rotate the other 14. Spoiler alert: If we do that, our one will NOT be Texas. It will probably be Misery. Texass will either keep OU or renew with A&M, and my bet is OU.

Also saw a South Carolina site speculating that with nine games, one of our permanent rivals will be Florida. Huh? Sports Illustrated projected Texas, Misery and Kentucky, which makes slightly more sense.

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I saw that group gave OU to Florida as one of the three permanent if it goes that way. That makes no sense so I suspect you are right that the cake still has some baking to be done before it is ready for the table.

A Bama writer thought we’d get Misery, EOE and the Aggies. That would be interesting.

Going to be nine because ESPN owns the SEC


You may be right but some schools still dragging their feet.

My $$ is on nine games. Done deal, Lucille.
Our three regular opponents to be EOE-A, OU and Missouri.
I suspect the SEC schools already have at least the 2024 and perhaps 2025+ SEC football schedules so they can smartly reduce the nonconference games from four to three.
UA…Campus of Champions

I’d bet on 9, too. Hate to say it, but Jackson is right. The SEC will do what ESPN wants.

Regarding permanent rivals, whether an 8 or 9 game schedule, it makes no sense to me we’d get an east coast team as a permanent. Fl is further from us than any other school in the conference. If geography plays much of a role, we’d get Misery, OU or both. I expect Guy is right about the 3 being OU, MU, & Yew-tee, but there are so many factors that go into the thinking there is probably no wait to predict for sure.

I think either Ola Ms or LSU make more sense than OU.

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I agree, and I think we get one or the other. OU is going to get the Big 12 refugee group, I think. EOE, Misery and TAM.

I saw somebody projecting OU paired with Florida, which makes even less sense than us. but sometimes the newbie draws the short straw (as in A&M paired with the Poultry since they joined).

I also expect that the permanent rivalries will be subject to adjustment.

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