Eight of the 16 regional hosts are already on vacation

And four of the eight top-8 seeds. Glad we took care of business.

Just thinning the field out for us - love it!

I think Ole Miss and Georgia just choked!
Of course I also think Texas got lucky and put A&M in the loser bracket and that took care of them moving forward. Texas A&M allowed 9 runs in the first run to Indiana and once that was over they found ways to only score 6. The double plays about 4 and getting thrown out at the plate 2, and then second base at least once to make it just too much to overcome. LSU failed to have pitching! I think that sums it up pretty well.
Arkansas and the Poultry should be a good series. I hope we put them away in 2 games. Vandy and Moo U will be fun too watch! I think Vandy can hang on and win if they keep hitting.
I hope we have a good week.