Eight hours of coaching a week


Exactly how is the eight hours of coaching to be used?

Is the coach only allowed to instruct for a total of eight hours a week? For example, Coach Odom provided two hours to a group of freshmen and six hours to Bumper Pool for a total of eight hours per week of coaching by Coach Odom.

Or is each football player allowed to receive eight hours of coached instruction a week? For example, Coach Odom could provide eight hours to two different players. Each player received his limit of eight hours. Coach Odom provided a total of 16 hours of coaching.


8 Hours a week, is not enough to show you care.

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The strength coaches are the key this summer. Position coaches are not going to be with players much. The NCAA is clear in that. I don’t know that virtual coaching can be anywhere close to enough to make huge impact. But it is same for all.

But you will not hear Odom or Briles complain. They will figure it out.

As they say, “Poor workers find fault with their tools.” Just get it done.

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I saw where Stromburg added over 30 pounds since the last weigh in. I assume (hope) that it’s lean muscle.

I hope he doesn’t get drug tested if that 30lbs is lean muscle in that period of time…

Aloha Clay,

Could you please find out how the eight hours are accounted for per my pair of examples?



I’ll check. You are welcome. Really not a big deal to me though. I don’t see the difference it makes since all doing same. May be a day or so before I get an answer. I suspect this is a 4 week deal. Things likely to change in July.

I believe how teams handle the virus exposure is going to play a role on how things ramp up as far as coaching.

Each player gets 8 per week. For meetings it can be whole team, offense/defense, position groups, special teams, freshmen, whatever you want it to be. It’s basically like normal meetings except they are getting to do it during the summer.

Literally, a coach can divide that how he wants. So coordinator might have some of it with entire defense. Then use some of it for his position. Or, One player.

But each player can only be in a meeting for 8 hours each week.

The coordinators and coaches gotta use some of day to meet with staff and look at recruiting tape and prepare for season by breaking down opponent tape.

Aloha and mahalo Clay!


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