Effort reinvigorates athletics in Little Rock district

Great column, RD.

It excites me because I live in Central Arkansas and love watching high school sports. Also, it is great news for Hog fans!

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Very smart of Michael Poore to gather up some talented people to get it jump started. I’m beyond impressed with these folks getting our kids back into sports and keeping them off the streets. There our talented kids in Central Akansas for sure!

I never thought LR would come back. I had given up hope.

Going to games were depressing. Poore and Daniels have made impressive progress but more is needed. If they stay in place, it can get done.

Without getting to political, I figure Poore will only take too much more of the teacher’s union. He can’t win, no matter what he does in their eyes.

I think the board is the biggest concern followed by the union.

Based on what I hear, there is still optimism about things progressing.

Please enlighten me on problems caused in athletics by the union. I don’t follow that stuff ( although I’m no surprised).

The biggest drawback is the most important one for LRSD, money, and where that money is spent.

I think ricepig was implying Poore might get tired of dealing with the union and leave LRSD, not that the union is interfering with athletics in any way. But teachers and administrators rarely get along anywhere, whether the teachers are unionized or not, I vividly remember my mom (non-unionized teacher) complaining loud and long about her principal as well as the superintendent.

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