Effects of no P5 football?


So what are all of the ripple effects if there is no P5 football in 2020?

Scholarship extensions?
Extra schorships?
The NFL draft?
Financial impact on non-revenue sports?

Lord have mercy!


It goes on and on. Hotels, motels, gas stations, restaurants, ice houses, all sorts of other suppliers, extra pay for police - it seems endless. A whole economy was shut down. Nothing good about it.

I think you’ll see many people out of a job if the season is canceled. Arkansas’ athletics payroll is around $41 million. Last month Hunter Yurachek said, “I think there will be a time, if we don’t have football, that we’ll have to start looking at cutting into that pie.”

That doesn’t take into account the many seasonal employees and businesses who depend on the football economy in dozens of cities.

The toll on jobs has been staggering already. We drove past the airport shuttle company that drives passengers from Chattanooga to Atlanta or Nashville last week. Typically there is hundreds of cars parked there. Today it’s shut down. Just one of many, many examples.

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Arkansas takes yet another step back because of no practice or development.

Transfers, coaches leaving, people on campus and off taking pay cuts and/or losing jobs.

More businesses going belly up.

Anybody rooting or wishing for it to happened is sad.


That scenario is being repeated across the country.
It’s extremely sad.

United States population 331,002,651 million
Documented Covid-19 cases in the U.S. - 5.01 million
Deaths documented as COVID-19 related in U.S. - 162 thousand

Do the math and decide whether the percentages that you find with regard to deaths versus recovery from the Covid-19 Virus would at any time In the history of our country caused our leaders to shutdown our economy resulting in high unemployment, businesses to shutdown for good, our civil liberties taken away.
Every life lost to this virus that should’ve never come to our country is tragic and we feel for those families that have had endure the loss of a loved one during this pandemic.
However, has all of what has been asked and in some situations demanded of us to do been necessary given the overall low percentage of both cases and deaths in the United States compared to our Population?
I have no issues wearing a mask when I’m going to be around others at work or when going shopping, I’ve always done my little part with that since the beginning.
Don’t we all wish we had a Crystal Ball to see how this ends and what the ultimate results will be?


I think there is a crystal ball and it said, do nothing and you are doomed.

I just returned from my local WalMart in metro Atlanta. It was unbelievably packed; return to school in a week. But, very very busy for a Sunday afternoon. Not many standing a full six feet apart - Looked fairly normal for a busy day.

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Apparently, we are going to lose the battle.

However, I’m 60 years old and healthy. My chances of dying while driving to the game are greater than me catching the virus at the game and dying from it.

Players and coaches have just as much chance of catching COVID with a season as without a season.

Of course, in football there is a chance of broken bones, heat death, head injuries, etc. why don’t we just do away with football?

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At my WM south of Atlanta, people are now wearing masks much more than before.
To me, that is a good sign. Two weeks ago few had masks.

Very Cute!
Who suggested that we do nothing? That would be ridiculous and that’s not reality anywhere that I’ve been over the past few months. We need to wear masks and social distance, but at these documented rates of deaths versus recovery is it necessary to cancel everything in our lives from school to sports to church?
The fact is that there is little to no coverage about the 97 percent of documented “Recovered” Covid-19 cases.
Unfortunately, media places much more focus on the 3% death stats than the 97% successfully recovered stats while perpetuating fear in each and every broadcast. IMO, they need to spend at least as much time and effort relaying the full and entire picture of the Pandemic.

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As usual, I agree with you, dfarris. Things that have been taken away won’t be reclaimed easily.

the loss of college football will be devastating. The gov’t needs to step up & help businesses & people who will be harmed by the inevitable losses. However, this is not too different a situation than what we face in WWII. We refocused nearly every part of our economy toward supporting the war effort. That meant rationing of certain things for several months.

This pandemic requires something akin to that effort. If everyone got on board—or at least as on board as Americans were during the war—we could contain the virus & return to something resembling normal within 6 weeks to 2 months. It’s happened in Europe, Japan, Korea.

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Your 3 percent is 165,000 dead people. This pandemic has wiped out the equivalent of Jackson, Mississippi. If you’re not scared of that you’re a strong candidate for the Darwin Award. At the rate we’re going we may top the death toll for 3.5 years of World War II by Groundhog Day.


This board represents the thought process of the House vs Senate. One side believes that social distancing and mask while keeping everything running like it was pre-covid will eventually work best.

The other would like the Country to shut down cold turkey for 2-3 weeks with no social contact unless their is a emergency.

Option 1: We continue to spread & kill while maintaining some resemblance of a normal economy. (WAIT FOR A VACCINE)

Option 2: Try the nuclear option of instant national containment for 2-3 weeks but nearly the kill economy & small business. (Number of Cases drop by 80/90%)

UNFORTUNATELY both options completely suck!! no matter which side your on.

My opinion is that if this happened in the 1980’s, 1990’s no matter the President we would have rallied as a country instead of fighting each other.

97% have not successfully recovered. A whole lot of people who have recovered are exhibiting significant health symptoms. This isn’t just a “recover or die” illness.

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Correct neast, and this is just the short term after effects. The long term are yet to be seen.

That can be said of other viruses, diseases and Health issues.

It’s not “My” 3 percent, it’s a statistical fact.

Your point about the significant symptoms that are still present in many of those who have “recovered” from the virus is well taken! Furthermore, we really do not know what the long term effects will be. The fact that there is frequently temporary loss of the senses of taste and smell indicates that the virus also attacks the nervous system. Could we be looking at something like the chicken pox virus where something like (or even worse than) shingles shows up at a later date?