Eduardo Perez tips

In the Lsu game last night and tonight, Edwardo has shown how to tell if a lefthanded pitcher is going to throw to first or throw home. It was a tip from Lou Brock!!! If the left toe comes up, he’s coming to first, and if it stays down he’s going home. He says there is NO other way to throw the pitch either way. We should have DVH comment on this — might help! Mineri (LSU) said ‘wish I had known!’

Can you comment on this?

well they are throwing a RH tomorrow.

How can we convince the other team’s pitchers to take their shoes off to get a glimpse of those toes?

we need a podiatrist to do the facts as DD likes to slip into a thread… Is that true if the fourth toe is the longest? if not, then which toe is the dominant balance toe and therefore more powerful… I remember wanting Lou Brock LT shoes because Lou emphasized lateral take off. Wish I had watched EP to hear this and then rationalize the body mechanics. Seems awfully simple to have such dominating potential application. Of course the same is true of fingers and curves, splitters, 2 seamers vs 4 seamers etc.

Only Lou Brock has known this all these years? Couldn’t have been a best kept secret.
Wonder what Ricky Henderson says about it or other great base stealers?