Edit: More issues on log-in

Am now able to view stories after doing the log-out, clear cookies (again). But get a google survey pop-up every once in a while that greys out the text and won’t let me read. Doesn’t happen all the time, but surely that isn’t something the NWADG is doing…right?

Can access premium boards, but telling me I have exceeded the max number of free previews when trying to read articles?

I’m a NWADG subscriber and have registered my account.

Check your PM.

The Google survey popping up tells you that you’re not signed in. I get the same thing when I access WHS without being signed in. Answer the survey and it will let you read an article or two. But the main thing you need to do is sign in again. Periodically the ADG websites, including WHS, will kick you out and you have to log in again. It’s been doing it to me for years.

Thanks Matt.

Not sure how I’d be logged out if I can view and post in the premium forums.

This is getting a bit too complicated and frustrating for me. I’ve had a premium membership for years, but I’m seriously considering not renewing at the end of the year. Hopefully I will soon be on auto pilot again.

Same here…not technically savvy so I just don’t get to read some of the articles.

This is driving me bonkers. I called Thursday, Friday and I guess I have to call again on Monday. It works for awhile and then poof it stops.

Until we get this solved can you guys cut and paste the premium articles?

I too have had limited access. The Google survey, having to click link twice for boards, being logged out and having great difficulty logging back in. I have cleared cookies each time so that I can login again, which then requires that I re enter my password for every website I frequent. I am loving the extra coverage and articles but the tech side of this merger needs a lot of work.

Hi everyone. We’re incredibly dependent on the address you used to register for online access matching completely with your subscription’s address. Unfortunately there are two different records for this and if they don’t match precisely then we run into issues like this.

If you’re having access issues and are a subscriber then customer service should be able to help you by verifying your address matches in both the online access area and the subscription address.

If you’d like feel free to PM me your full name, address and phone number and I’ll help as I can as well.

Sorry for any confusion and we appreciate your patience.