'Eddie' Trailer

Here is the official trailer of the Eddie Sutton documentary that will premiere later this year.


This is what I wrote about the documentary while it was in production last year: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … ansas-coa/

Pitino in the HOF and not Sutton. That is a travesty. Eddie obviously had very difficult issues off the court. But on the court he was as good as any. And from all indications he really cared for his players. The day Eddie left for Kentucky is one I’ll never forget. A news bulletin on KARN reported that Eddie was in flight to Lexington to take the Wildcat job. My best friend was a program director at WAKY radio in Louisville. I called him at the station with the news. He told me to hold on and he put the phone down. He had gone to do a live news bulletin about the ARN report. He was the first to report the news in Kentucky.

That was a sad day for many of us. But we won big time getting Nolan.

Can’t wait to see this film.

That is an impressive trailer. It has been tough for me to watch Eddie and Patsy go through his alcoholism while I grew up with their Sons at FHS. I think the world of Eddie and hope this doc gets him in the HOF.

A person’s vice should not necessarily keep him from the recognition he deserves. Certainly, Eddie Sutton belongs in the HOF. What he did at Arkansas and Oklahoma State is enough for that. I hated that he would have crawled all the way to that program which shall remain nameless, but as much as I was crushed when that happened, I understood and was immediately happy when Frank hired Nolan. Eddie deserves the Hall of Fame. Get him in there before it’s too late for him to enjoy!!!