Eddie Sutton Not On HOF Finals List

Eddie must have really really upset someone along the way.

http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/1871 … -hall-fame

Moncrief finally on the ballot. Hope he makes it.

Moncrief and Sutton may be the most under-recognized player-coach duo in basketball history. Both should already be in the college HOF, and Sid should be in the NBA HOF. Disgraceful.

It just shows how unfair it is. they both gave us a lot of good ole times with the Hogs. I enjoy watching our hogs but back then I expected us to win. The triplets could shoot the ball. They play strong defense too! What a great 4 years.

I am an Eddie Sutton fan. But Sid went on to star in the pros. Eddie had personal issues after Arkansas plus he left the blue bloods on probation. IMO he deserves to be in but the committee feels otherwise.

It is all one HOF - there is no college BB HOF or NBA HOF. It’s different from football and baseball.

It’s your overall contribution to BB to include anything from HS to international BB. That’s why guys like Arvidas Sabonis and Oscar Schmidt (and someday Manu Ginobli) are members.

Both should be in. I can’t believe they’re not already in.

There are two halls. College Hall Of Fame and The Naismith Hall that includes pros.
https://www.collegebasketballexperience … ll-of-fame


I stand corrected- sort of. The Naismith BB HOF is everything I wrote about before in terms of overall contribution to BB. This is what Sidney is nominated for.

I had never heard of College BB HOF in Kansas City.

Eddie and Nolan are both in the college HOF. Sidney isn’t. I don’t see any players from UA in the college hall, in fact. I would have to think Corliss would be a candidate, as a Final Four MOP.

Nolan is in both HOF.

Learn something new each day.

Looking at the College hall list, it’s very heavily stacked toward coaches. Which isn’t a huge surprise. Players stay four years or less. Coaches hang around for a while, sometimes decades.