Eddie Sutton has died

As I recall UofA did have a pretty good history in basketball prior to Coach Sutton, just not in the last 8 or 10 years or so before Sutton got there. Not demeaning anyone and think the world of Coach Sutton. Among my all time favorites.

Lanny VanEman created some buzz. There were some really nice crowds during his time. I think he showed what at least was possible.

Glen Rose was pretty much before my time. I think he did a good job for years.

Sutton was great, but he was also the first get any real AD support. Frank said he wanted a better basketball program so his recruits would have something to do on their recruiting visit. Funny, it was not long until the basketball program reached a similar level of attention as football. That was thanks to Eddie with backing.

The man created Hog basketball… my youngest son is named “Sutton”, enough said.

As some have noted over this past basketball season, Coach Eric Musselman’s coaching style & disciplined training & play of his players is similar to that of Eddie Sutton. For that reason, there is much optimism about the future of the UofA program.

Arkansas basketball was pretty good in the 40s. Then things fell off precipitously. Van Eman did show a little more was possible with the Terry/Tolson teams.

Sutton’s first Arkansas team was led by a transfer too; Kent Allison had come in from Western Kentucky to play for Van Eman and wound up as Eddie’s leading scorer.

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