Eddie Sutton documentary

The long-awaited film “EDDIE” will premiere on ESPN on Monday at 8 p.m.

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It’s tremendous. He admits his biggest life/career mistake was leaving Arkansas. Love Eddie.

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It was very well done. Certainly brought back some great memories from his time here. It didn’t shy away from talking about his faults. It showed that he was very human.

I grew up on the Hogs during Sutton’s years. I’ve been anxious to watch the film since I first heard about it a couple of years ago. I’m so glad I finally got to see it.

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A truly great coach who had a weakness like everyone else. His errors are nowhere near as great as his positive influence for all the players he coached. As one who was a ground floor ( dirt and sawdust ) fan, I will always be grateful for Eddie for building a basketball program. His success made Nolan able to come and raise the program to the highest level. Hopefully, Coach Muss can restore the program to its place as a national power.

Many thanks to Eddie for starting a great basketball program.

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Well done piece. Makes you proud to know Arkansas has had two of the greatest coaches in college basketball.


I was just a kid when Coach Sutton coached here, and the “crawl to Kentucky” line always pissed me off. However, after working for Nolan Richardson and seeing how HE was treated at the end by Broyles, I can now sympathize with the position Eddie was in at the time. Tonight’s show was terrific. It didn’t sugarcoat anything. It showed the terrible alcoholism and what awful things resulted from it. I came away with a deeper respect for Coach Sutton, but also an even deeper sorrow that neither he, nor Kobe, got to live to see their enshrinement in the Naismith Hall of Fame. My wish now is that someone will produce a documentary of this quality for Coach Richardson while he is still with us and can still tell those wonderful stories from his life.


Very good post by Jeremy.

Was frustrated with Broyles for pushing Sutton out & with Sutton for his comments about KY. However, Broyles had no choice but to push Sutton to seek rehab. As with most alcoholics, Sutton would not acknowledge he had a problem & therefore his comment in anger about “crawl to KY”. If Sutton had stayed at Arkansas, it would not have ended well. Despite being a big fan of both Sutton & Richardson, Broyles did the right thing per recognizing it was time for both to move on.

I agree 100%. Just glad that all of the events that transpired led to Coach Richardson coming to Arkansas.

Agreed about Coach Richardson coming to Arkansas & gratified that he chose to remain in NWA during retirement. Would liked to have met him. Broyles did some great things for Arkansas, both as HC & AD, but mixed feelings about his legacy in his later years.

If you ever get a chance to meet Coach Richardson, I highly advise it. He is one of the most special people I have ever been around in my life, and he is warm and approachable. Someone should really do a documentary on his life, as I mentioned earlier. I guarantee he would have something insightful to say about the current state of race relations in this country. Not to mention, he is just an incredible storyteller, period. I wish I had the know-how and resources to put the documentary together myself. If you have some time, I suggest watching Coach Richardson’s enshrinement speech into the Nasimith Hall of Fame. I have never heard him give a bad speech. As you can probably tell, I absolutely adore the man.

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I suspect I am one of the few on here that saw Nolan play college basketball. I lived in El Paso 58 to late 61 and saw several Texas Western games and I remember Nolan was a very good defensive play and a decent shooter. They played off campus in a rodeo building before moving on campus as UTEP.

I agree completely about Nolan. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him a small bit and he is a special person. His statement about coach Broyles when he passed away was nothing but class. I understand why his players played so hard for him. Eddie, built a nice house here and Nolan beautifully expanded it. We were fortunate to have both these men as our head coaches.

Sutton and Nolan were great coaches with great flaws. JFB had to deal with the flaws.

Don’t you wish Jeff Long would have dealt with Petrino and BB’s flaws before it was too late?

I’m sorry, but I fail to see any of Coach Richardson’s “flaws” amounting to anything close to the failings of the other 3 men you mention. Coach Richardson’s only “flaw” was pride. Men of his color and generation had to have pride to make it in a world stacked against them. He never cheated, never drank, and never cheated on his wonderful wife, Rose. He said some uncomfortable things at the end, but he always spoke from his heart.

The flaws he sees are violations of the “shut up and dribble” mindset: Athletes and coaches, especially if they are minorities, are not allowed to have an opinion on anything. Particularly if that opinion makes someone uncomfortable.

Comparing Coach Richardson to 2 drunks and a womanizer really pisses me off.

You are correct, Jeremy. Still yet, they were major issues at the time (among our fan base) and JFB had to deal with it.

I wasn’t trying to compare any of those guys, just trying to make a point of JFB’s responsibilities.

Btw, only one person has ever walked the earth that didn’t have flaws and they hung him.

I was, and still am a big fan of NR and ES. I’m thankful they and JFB got everything patched up.


I’m afraid you’re correct. And I believe more and more we are gonna have a fall without sports, which will make it worse.

As for JFB, Nolan, and Eddie, they all had their faults, but without any of them we wouldn’t have a great basketball program

Amen, Baked. I’m out.