Eddie Sutton denied Naismith HOF for sixth time

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Sad he has paid his dues

Coach Sutton earned his place in the Hall of Fame! They have several coaches in there already that should be thrown out!

Just a dam shame.

No national championship on his resume is what stopping everyone from voting

I just hope he gets in before it’s too late. It took me about five years to forgive Crawlin’ Eddie, but I did (my ex, who had a center court seat in the student section at Barnhill, never did, at least last time I asked).

Two coaches have taken three schools to the Final Four, but Calipari had two of them vacated. Thirteen others have taken two; Eddie Sutton is one of them. Currently 25th on the all-time wins list at 806.

I was just looking more closely at that all-time coaching wins list. Several of them are non-D-I coaches. Of the coaches above Sutton with at least 600 D-I wins, only two active coaches (Bob Huggins and Cliff Ellis) and one retired coach (Rollie Massimino) are not in the HOF. They didn’t get Massimino in before he died, and Mass does have an NC.

Crawled to Kentucky. Nough said

Our society doesn’t like DUI. Shame. If I were a basketball head coach, I’d have to hire a driver. It’s a tough job.

There shouldn’t be a HOF if he doesn’t qualify…

100% agree

Eddie was a great coach. You give the man a couple of real good players and he could build a championship team. His teams played great defense and were just so disciplined and intelligent. He seldom lost a game where he should have won. He might lose because the other team had much more talent, but he would make them earn it. He and Nolan were up and comers…both came up and went to great heights.

Did Sutton actually quit and go to Kentucky or was he forced out? He had some issues at the time he left, and I remember I felt like it was time for him to leave. It has been a long time, so I just don’t recall. I think the “I would crawl to Kentucky” statement was made because he was upset about his situation. I think he left before he would have gotten fired.

That statement never bothered me. I appreciated Eddie for the great job he did in building Arkansas basketball from nothing into a powerhouse. I still like and admire him. He was something. Chris Beard reminds me of Eddie…great defensive coach with a team who doesn’t beat themselves.

Eddie built the foundation, Noland finished the house.

It’s a darn shame, too. The man took multiple schools to the final four and won an unreal number of games. He belongs in the HOF.

A friend of mine best described Coach Sutton saying “he can take his and beat you and can take yours and beat you”. My family and I have so many fond memories of his time at Arkansas, especially the SWC tourney runs in Dallas (throwing his red blazer and getting T’d up my favorite). Keep chugging coach.

For a few years in the 70s and 80s there was a postseason charity all-star game of Arkansas seniors in Arkadelphia. The first year they had it Sutton came down to coach one of the teams. The gym at Henderson was packed and most of them wanted to see Eddie get T’d up. He obliged. So did the ref, a neighbor of mine named Frank Taylor who knew very well what was going on. Eddie threw his coat, Frank hit him with the T and the place went nuts.

One thing we don’t know about the Hall of Fame vote. Sidney Moncrief is a finalist. Some Milwaukee basketball people think he’s going to get in this time. Hope they’re right.

It was a serious one too, the woman who was Injured from it has accumulated like half a million dollars in medical debt and lives almost every day with a level of pain as a result. That paired with the program he was running at Kentucky are clearly the reasons he is not in. Hall of fame or not, none will ever doubt the greatness of coach sutton