Eddie Jackson (this morning)

One of my weekly indulgences is CBS Sunday Morning. I was late turning it on this morning and the first thing that popped up was a piece about Eddie Jackson. (It’s only about 5 minutes long.)


Eddie’s beer garden is about two miles from my house. It’s a great place to hang out. I’ve run into both he and Kenoy Kennedy there. Although neither of them know me, they’re always as welcoming as can be and always willing to talk about the Hogs…

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Thanks. That was great. Eddie has such a great smile and personality. He’s on camera for 2 minutes and you are completely engaged with whatever he’s saying. I’m saying this as a person who is the epitome of the opposite of a foodie.

Proud of him.

Watched it waiting to hear a connection to the University of Arkansas, if there was one, I missed it. I know it is not a important part of the story, but I enjoy hearing it, especially when a success story, instead of a fall from grace. Bon appetit, Eddie!

That’s great! Thanks for bringing to the board. I love cooking and can relate to Eddie’s story. Now I want that wing recipe!

Thanks for sharing Marty. I love to cook myself and wish I had Eddie’s talent.

It was a fairly short piece, so they never mentioned where he played in college. That’s OK, we know.

Great find Marty! He’s very engaging on camera.

Eddie is the complete package. He is just getting started. Jean Ann and I love to watch him on Food Channel. It’s clear they look for places to insert him on shows.

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