Eddie from Clarksville says ...

… All Aboard the Hog Train with Joe Stimex, Hondo Yursick (the Arkansian) and Chet Morse !!

That guy… called D Mac, Derrick McFadden, I about lost it. Not in a laughing way.

Yep and He also likes to see Duvall Wally run for TD’s and our lineman Halta Fruholt blocking for our running backs.

Haltay Fruholdt. That was the MOST classic.

Though…before he became Mr. Positive (which I applaud), I also loved the “Where is Duvall Wally, Sir?” rants.

I can’t listen to Eddie anymore. Gives me a headache and says absolutely nothing. Save the screaming for scary movies.

I’ve met Eddie and he’s a real person. He’s tough to engage in a conversation. He’s got it plotted out what he’s going to say – even in real life. But he’s a good guy and very genuine. All aboard! Let the whistle blow.

I will also say that all Mrbswax posts are priceless. But this one is really good.

Is all of that the Arkie version of Pawl’s Redneck Rants?

I immediately change the channel. I know Bo has 4 hours to fill, but I have no interest in someone yelling repetitive fairly obvious points and unintelligible garble.

Eddie is a great example of the characters we have among the vast universe of Hog fans, but Bo does need a one minute egg timer to limit his calls … “Eddie, you’re on the clock”.