Ed Aschoff

Ed Aschoff died on Christmas Eve (pneumonia). He was 34.

I used to love reading Ed’s work on ESPN’s SEC Blog (he was very fair to the Hogs). He seemed like a wonderful guy. And it’s apparent by the outpouring on social media that he was.

He died on his birthday, and was engaged to a lovely lady.

Let’s think about Ed and his family today.

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Wow that’s a shocker.
Sad news & May god bless his family.

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Talked Ed when he was the Gainesville Sun. Gone way too soon.

:cry: :cry:

Awful … bright young reporter. Tragedy

Apparently he got pneumonia after covering Michigan-Ohio State as a sideline reporter and could never recover.

That just reminds me to hug my daughters AGAIN today and hold them tight. We just take so many things for granted.



Very sad! Why you don’t take any day for granted, we are not promised tomorrow. I’m praying for his family I can’t imagine how devastated they are!



Prayers for his family. We have experienced a lot of loss in our family and friends this year. Really there are no words.

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