ECC is beating Purdue today.

Well, they were… lol

Boiler up!

Our athletic department needs to take note. Purdue had a live stream of the game? That is impressive. Not taking away anything from what DD is doing, please don’t misunderstand me. I appreciate anything I can get.

Long said on Twitter we don’t have the rights to broadcast internationally.

I don’t think that’s necessarily true because Purdue did it today. I think it has to do more with Arkansas being tied to the SEC Network/ESPN.

It’s why you don’t see December basketball games on your local FOX affiliate or CST broadcasting baseball games at home or in North Little Rock anymore.

But, we get so much more with the SEC network. I’m more than okay with not seeing these exhibition games when we don’t have to miss any in the regular season. That wasn’t always the case.

I know this is a tad off subject Matt. But, do you know if the LR game will be on TV this year? Was really unfortunate that it wasn’t last year, that ended up being a good game.

I’m not saying the SEC Network is bad - just pointing out that Arkansas doesn’t have the flexibility it once had in broadcasting events.

There are some drawbacks to the SEC Network, like the inability to broadcast the game at Verizon Arena when a network doesn’t pick it up.

That’s weird. I just posted about that, assuming you are talking about basketball.

It all depends on whether it is picked up by a network (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or SEC Network). If a network doesn’t want to show the game, it won’t be televised. Arkansas (RSN) does not have the infrastructure in place to broadcast a game off-campus.

I think the date of the NLR game this year helps the chance of it being picked up by the SEC Network. It is on Thursday as opposed to Saturday the past several years. There typically are not a lot of Thursday nonconference basketball games played by SEC teams, and not a lot of live events to choose from three days before Christmas.

Yea, looks like I posted the questions right before you brought it up. But, that’s good news. I know year before last it was like on ESPNU wasn’t it? But, like you said hopefully the Thursday date allows the SEC Network to pick it up.

Arkansas was not allowed to do that per Jeff Long, who is on this trip.