What are you guys opinion of Cheers OPO on the Square? Was thinking of eating there before the game Saturday.

I’d rather eat at Hugo’s or several other places in town. It’s good, but I don’t have it on my regular places I go to.

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Ya I love Hugo’s too but its tough to get in on game weekends

We’ve eaten there …not bad. You better get reservations.

My experience has been that it’s tough to get in anywhere in Fayetteville on game weekends.

we’ve always had good meals there. can be cold inside, so if anyone is prone to freezing in restaurants, then take a jacket.


I’m sorry for not directly answering your question but we always go to Loafin’ Joes after games. Never crowded. Brings back good college memories of foot long country clubs, homemade chips, and Mt. Dew on Sundays watching the NFL. Food is outstanding if that’s the type of food you’re after.

We went there last weekend and I got a salad…because I’m old and fat…and it was great too.

Ate there a few weeks ago. Always a good experience for me.

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CJ’s Butcher Boy hamburgers is aways high on our list. Keith Wilson the owner is family but nevertheless it’s really quality food. And the shakes. You just have to try them. Tell Keith Uncle Danny sent you.

If you want to eat at the food trucks at Hog Town across Maple St north of the stadium, Delta Biscuit Co can’t be beat. Although it is best for breakfast/brunch for an early game, who complains about breakfast for supper. Last week I chowed down on the Hillbilly Benedict. A large biscuit with a very generous slice of ham, sausage gravy, and two sunny side up eggs. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the ham was tasty, and the gravy was peppery, the way I like it, with just a touch of cayenne for a slight bite. A very reasonable $10. It was so good the wife and I found the truck in Bentonville today for lunch. Go for it, in Bentonville or on game day in Hog Town. This has been a completely unsolicited endorsement.

I think it’s among city’s better places. Good menu. Solid place. Steaks are good.

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Is the old Hog Haus location still empty? The last time we drove down Dickson, the site looked abandoned &/or under construction. Hog Haus was one of our go to places to eat after games & disappointed it had closed. It was usually crowded & good atmosphere.

Never thought food or service was as good as location at Hog Haus. Never tried it on game weekends. We would go there midweek and it was hit or miss. Walton Art Center crowd kept it alive for a bit.

We ate there a few weekends (happened to be bid weekend so Fayetteville was packed). We got lucky as we didn’t have reservations. I thought the food was really good. I love some Hugo’s also but there will be a long wait there for sure.

It’s now the Tin Roof, a chain bar/establishment that was started in Nashville, I believe. I’ve heard from my 3 in their 20’s that it’s a happening place. They feature live music on a couple of stages, not sure how good the food is, though.

Thanks for the update. Sad to see some of the old Fayetteville hangouts disappear. Agree with Clay that Hog Haus was hit & miss on food but usually good burgers, microbrewery, location, & atmosphere. One of the best & most popular coffee shops, Arsaga’s at the Depot, has also been closed & relocated to make room for a parking garage. Progress is sometimes painful.

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