Eating well

Forbes published a report today that looked at how much major universities spend on food for their athletes. Arkansas leads the NCAA with an average of $3.5 million spent per year. That does not include food purchased for teams during away games. … fcbb4954e1

When I was in school, training tables were legal and they fed the athletes pretty well in Darby Hall which adjoined Wilson Sharp, the athletic dorm at the time. (They never let me eat there though.) Then training tables were banned to keep schools from getting an advantage by giving the players steak or lobster or whatever. Eventually they came to their senses on that one. Glad to see we’re pushing the envelope in that area.

argh, nm

Hopefully we will start getting our money’s worth for it…that’s awesome…beef jerky lol have never understood the fascination with that. :lol:

People love their beef jerky. My sister had an appendectomy in Houston a couple of weeks ago, so my parents drove down to see her. They said at the Buc-ee’s off I-45, jerky was going for $24/pound.

:shock: :shock: Amazing different strokes for different folks that’s incredible.

I wonder if that includes food stuff provided to athletes for consumption in their own apartments. A friend’s son was an athlete at Alabama and they provided him huge canisters of protein powder and other nutrition related supplements. I think he had to buy his own blender.

I thought the dealerships gave away a free blender with the car. :wink:

Toasters with their preloaded debit cards!

I got to eat at Darby when I was with the basketball team.

It was part of that freshman 40 I put on.

As a consumer of fine jerky, I recommend Woody’s Smokehouse on I-45 Centerville TX., just north of the Buc-ees Matt mentioned. Good jerky is not cheap and cheap jerky is not good.
In the mid 60’s I was fortunate to enjoy football weekend meals in Darby Hall, some of the best food I ever had. This was before the “healthy eating” came into effect. It was impossible not to put on weight eating there.