Easy to slip into bad old habits

Ms. St Coach told his players something to the effect “go for offensive board, AR does not block out well”. We corrected that and won some games. All of a sudden the old bad habit appears again. Bad enough that could cost us the game. I don’t have the numbers but at the half they had 16 points on second chance put backs. We were out quickened and out hustled; that is not a surprise,Ole Miss is scrappy. We did not play well as a whole, but we had Moses. He single handedly save the game by his timely Blocked Shots. We also missed more point blank lay-ups at the basket than any game I can remember. We practically set ourselves up to lose this game over and over. luckily blocked shots and a few made free-throws saved our skin. I am very happy that we won and advanced to the semifinals. I applaud their efforts. It turned out to be a good year and hopefully become a great one.

Holding them to 43% on deuces and 29% on treys had something to do with us winning. We also didn’t bail out a very good FT shooting team by putting them on the line a lot. If you challenge every shot and play some zone, you are prone to giving up offensive rebounds. If you hold a good team to 1.0 point per possession in a tournament setting, you have an excellent chance of coming out on top. If we have an average offensive night for us, that’s a blowout.

We failed to block out and rebound. -10 rebounding in that game. We failed to make the pass on the fast break to the player whom could finish. We passed up open shot to get in the lane and get blocked. We threw up wild shots off the back board looking for fouls to be called and no whistle. We shot good from 3 and horrible inside the arc. Mosses needs to learn to pass out of the post and set back up to rebound or get the ball back! Shoot more 3’s. That would have helped.
I hope it was rust and nerves. We will need to play better aginst Vandy. Defend the the 3 and rebound.
Win another game Saturday.

There was a problem boxing out but there were also some weird bounces. I remember one horribly bricked OM 3 that shot off the front rim like 20 feet out. No amount of boxing out is going to get that rebound. It’s a round ball but sometimes it still bounces funny.

Kingsley and Thompson are good together in the zone which has led to our best offense and defense during this 8 game stretch. Moses Kingsley is better in the zone because he is close to the basket instead of covering a guard on perimeter. Our defensive rebounding is better when we are in Zone too because our bigs are under the basket. OM killed us last night by getting over 20 offensive rebounds.

It’s imperative that we take the ball to the rim strong and continue through with the shot and shoot the high percentage shot and make the refs blow the whistle, to often we change our shot and throw up something off balance to avoid contact and end up missing the shot and not drawing a foul. We need to get Vandy in foul trouble and get in the bonus at the line where the game can be won. WPS