Easy to see why we lost this one

Chaney, Harris, Whitt and Joe were 6 of 16 on free throws, and at least one was the front end of a 1 and 1. - 38%!

26/40. For the team. Horrible.
16 TO’s. That’s where it really hurt those live ball TO’s Jones had 7 TO’s himself.
CEM T- they made both of those FT’s.
And the foul that was called he made both of those.
There are a lot of reasons that caused this loss. Horrible defense.

T wasn’t on CEM it was on a team support staff fyi

Fire him! The support staff member.

It was silly to even call that T. Those refs are so lonely.

Re tech: He was literally on the court protesting a non-call. Well deserved imo.

The inability to make free throws and not adjusting our game plan to the refs style was the reason we lost. SC made the adjustments and we did not. WPS!!

Or just not turn the ball over 16 times. You could eliminate the live ball turnovers and the hogs win by 10!
The hogs showed a lack of focus from the top for 5 minutes and showed the same attitude at the free throw line.
It’s one thing to have a big man struggle at the free throw line but we have guards that can’t make free throws.

Not sure about adjustments, we came out cold and slow they shot the ball out there a$$. They hit big shots down the stretch, even when we played good def. we didn’t hit big shots (excluding Mason). They hit big ft down the stretch after clanking most of game, we clanked ft ( excluding Mason ) and missed on at least 5 front end 1and 1s. What adjustments would you have mad?

I noticed when Channel 5 was reporting live at BWA on the news after the game that there was a player practicing free throws. They need to do this and get ready for the next game.

I remember before season started that the main concern was size and lack of depth on the bench, well it was and is a justifiable concern. But many, including myself have been critical and quick to point out our short comings like we didn’t see it coming. Lack of size, minutes played and injuries has taken its toll in many area’s and there’s nothing CEM in his first year can do to fix these deficiencies. We as a fan base should be elated that we have been in every game, not one blow out loss to our name and we fight and play hard every game. I apologize to the players and staff for being critical as I’m guilty as many other fans are for raising expectations to high and then complaining we they can’t meet them. We all need to step back and remember we have already surpassed most preseason predictions and we need to set back and really enjoy what we have and know that help is on the way. WPS

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This. I think our guys have been playing their tails off, but all three of these factors are stacking up and they are just a little fatigued. Hope we can get our second wind and finish strong.

FT shooting was very disappointing. Early in the year I thought that was going to be a strength for this team. Instead, it has really fallen off. I hope last night was an aberration, but we’ve had more than one night like that lately.

The critical aspect of the game was transition defense, or lack of. The overall defense in this game wasn’t bad. But you can’t defend a run-out dunk. South Carolina led 17-5 in transition points. There were a few that came off of turnovers. That’s an area that Arkansas has dominated most of the season. The run outs gave South Carolina a cushion at several points when it looked like Arkansas was capable of a run. One of them was after a cross court pass to a player who was not open. That one was the worst.

If TCU was the team’s best game, then this was probably the worst. They did a lot of things right, but giving up snow bird dunks will get you beat most of the time.

A couple of the snow birds were because of god awful passes by our players.

Team did not take the floor with the intensity they have been playing with.This team has no room for error and can’t ever take the floor without giving 110% for 40 minutes and expect to win. They may be getting tired, they play lots of minutes and usually give you everything they have but last night we were off from the very beginning. We got in a hole and couldn’t get out of it, hopefully a lesson was learned.

I agree, I thought a lot was not really transition defensive problem as much as it was dumb decisions offensively that lead to easy dunk. Most I thought of those, there isn’t a transition defense on the planet for stopping those. There was a couple we might could have but we did some dumb stuff on offense that really left us defenseless.

Bottom line can’t give up easy transition dunks.

I have been bringing this up a lot, the only thing that keeps us from getting over the hump in these games is us. Make FT’s and clean up the dumb stuff.

Transition is how it’s listed on the stat sheet, so that’s how I referenced it. There were some transition baskets, probably when Mason penetrated. Gotta have rotation to the middle of the court. That is usually where transition defense comes from. If you don’t have someone left at the top of the key, there will be a hole in your transition defense that allows for that and you can foul before the ball gets to the basket.

The game was out of rhythm for both teams because of the number of fouls. That’s what South Carolina does. They foul on every play and dare the officials to call them. It isn’t a great way to play, especially when they shoot foul shots poorly. But it’s the way Frank Martin teams play, fighting you for every inch on the court at all times. The game was called in a way that frustrated several of our players, especially Jalen Harris. He did foul some, but there were at least three calls that I thought were borderline. But it was the way the game was called and you have to adjust.

Making FT’s and cleaning up just unnecessary dumb mistakes and this is a team that can win, and do some damage.

I noticed Mason at the very beginning of his post game presser say while looking over stats “ 7 TO’s! No way’.
He played so well, he played with incredible effort and was keeping us in it. No question, but most of not all of those 7 TO’s were in huge critical possessions in the game. They can be so much better.

You could tell Joe wasn’t full speed snd it affected his defense. Again, the more you talk about free throws the worse it gets. It is to the point that players are going to the line with negative thoughts. I watched the Missouri game the other night. They are not very good but lead the league in free throw shooting. They made something like 30 strAight one game and the point guard has made 24 in a row. But the announcers kept saying how confident they are and you could see it. It’s as much mental as anything.