Easton Murrell

Perhaps I missed a previous explanation, but any insight as to what happened with Murrell? I’m guessing he wasn’t playing as much as he thought he should. His comments to the media imply some hard feelings, so just curious if there was anything else there?

Yeah I’m pretty sure it was about playing time almost always is.

I think the biggest obstacle for Murrell was Jacob Nesbit. They came in together and are very similar defensively, but Nesbit is a much better hitter.

Much better might be a stretch Matt, Murrell sure turned one around on Kopps.

We don’t know what they looked like all year to the coaches. One game doesn’t tell us much. It just tells us about the one game

Murrell played in less than half their games, got only 37 at bats, 9 hits (.243 BA) with two extra base hits. Make it 10 for 40 with three XBH now. He didn’t show Tim Tadlock much all year either. Tadlock played a hunch today and it paid off.

Put it this way, Zack Plunkett and Jordan McFarland both got more ABs this year than Murrell did.

Murrell’s HR yesterday doubled his RBI output for the year. Two RBIs in 37 ABs (according to stats on Tech’s athletic website). Nesbit had 42 RBIs on the season in 212 at-bats.

Murrell also had 5 errors fielding the ball in 32 chances. Nesbit had 4 errors in 111 chances.

Stats will tell you that Nesbit was the much better player this year. Unfortunately for us, Murrell had the better hit on one day.