Eastern Illinois at Arkansas game 2


Mac has supposedly worked out the kinks in his delivery… we will find out today…

Great to see Stovall in the lineup… Cali too we need to get his big bat going

I sure hope MCEntire has command today. He can dominant when he hits his spots. The same can be attributed to Ledbetter. When conference play starts in would be nice to have all 3 weekend starters on track.
Stovall just needs to avoid hurting that thumb anymore.

Anybody having problem streaming the game on SEC plus?

Bet Stovall wears the oven mitt on the bases

Yes. I’m turning it all
Off and starting all over.

I’ll try the same.

Nice start for Will.

I’ve had no problems with my broadcast so far…

Me either.

Nice first inning by Trapper John, as my brother calls him.

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Yeah a couple of pretty well hit balls but to the biggest part of the ballpark.

Just long outs

Keep Your Head on the ball Peyton

We’re keeping their pitch count low…so far.

Wegner just a professional hitter just went with that down to the right field line

Slavens with the RBI.

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Way to go Brady ! We have given that pitcher an era love to see him go in the other way

Slavens is going to left much better this year

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Umpire got a pretty tight strike zone

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