Eastern Illinois at Arkansas game 1

Interesting lineup today.

Has Brady practiced at third much?

Matt has posted about him playing 3B in some scrimmages. Or I heard it in a podcast.

I like Diggs in the 2 hole. I’m interested in how he responds

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Going from USC head football coach to leadoff/CF at EIU. Interesting…

Did I miss something… What happened to Stovall?

I’m really not surprised at all because Brady I think has very good hands and has played there several times in scrimmages already…McLaughlin was an absolute stud in Juco in fact I believe he was a gold glove 3B who hit over 400 with about 19 home runs and hit several home runs this fall he can flat out hit.

I hope it’s not bad news on that thumb when he’s slid into second the other day but he came back the next time up and took some very healthy swings.

Yes indeed it is a jam thumb that is keeping him out let’s hope and pray it’s nothing serious… he took very hard swings the next time up so it must have really started bothering him after the game which can happen sometimes… Holt is a very good hitter I’m not sure about his defense but we surely cannot afford to lose Peyton Stovall… I really think this is probably precautionary and not very serious

I think that is a good spot for him especially with Stovall out of the lineup

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Yes it is the thumb. They don’t seem to think it will be long before he returns. It is unknown.


He has had X rays done today…I guess we will hear more from DVH after the game.

Very cool day… ball is slicker, hard to grip the ball, breaking balls usually not near as Sharp

Good to see Smith work out of that little jam


I had trouble too but I finally got it. ESPN+ has been an issue for me this week.

It’s not how you start but how you finish….

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Just absolutely filth on some of those pitches from Hagen

Get it On your tv or computer?

On my TV. I had trouble on my phone earlier in the week and had trouble logging in on myTV today. Said I was not subscribed to ESPN+. Which I am.

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