Eastern Illinois @ Arkansas

Well for a opening game of the season you couldn’t ask for anymore from your starting pitcher. Nolan’s was awesome.
I think he had 11 K’s. He allowed 1 unearned run!
The offense came from the bat of Heston RBI single and 2 solo homers! Franklin had a 2 run homer.
Bottom line hogs win 5-1.
Gods start and let’s see how Wicklander does tomorrow in game 2!

Yes it was a very good first game! Noland command the strike zone and really gave them nothing they could actually hit that’s the key for him…their pitcher was as good as we’re going to see from a velocity standpoint except for Georgia, so that was good for us to see that kind Velo and a good breaking ball… I wonder how long DVH will keep Opitz hitting behind Martin? Austin swings a great bat would protect him a little better probably but we will see… now we see 2 left-handers and one of them is a junk thrower…LH pitching should not be near the problem it was last year since we don’t have but two left-handers in the lineup…

Well. I hate to be picky, but if God started for us, we should have won.:grin:

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Martin isn’t 100% yet! It wouldn’t surprise me to see some changes to the lineup. Martin down a few spots.
Goodheart didn’t have a good day at the plate either. The will all heat up when this cold weather clears out. Let it warm up!

I believe Martin is 100% had plenty of Pop on his swing but like always he’s got learn to swing at strikes…

He had 3 pitches today to hit in first pitches of each AB after fouling those off he went fishing. Just not good AB’s!

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