East West Shrine Bowl

Watching the 4th quarter of the game. I haven’t seen Haselwood or Hampton but Stromberg has looked good at Center.

I think Jadon injured his toe or foot and was ruled out of the game

I never really watch any of these type games because I can never remember any of our guys doing much of anything in them.

I watched the third quarter and focused on Stromberg. I didn’t see him miss a block. I would assume he was the same way in the workouts beforehand, which are when the scouts are really watching.

I tried and did watch post halftime long enuff to say that Ricky and Dalton played, hard to say good or bad with the time watched. No AR player at Senior Bowl stood out to me because I can watch that practice and get an idea of who is going to be good at the next level.

I remember when there was regional.pride involved in these games. Eastern city boys vs rugged Westerners. North vs. South, which was actually played up as a football civil war in Montgomery. Blue Gray just code for Confederates vs. Yankees! My favorite game, I think was called the College All Star game, and featured college players who had exhausted their eligibility vs the defending NFL champs. I think they should revise that game, but have it be the NFL’s worst team from the previous season, vs the college hot shots. I would also like to see All Star teams from Power 5 conferences, representing their respective conferences in a jamboree format.

I hope Stromberg gets a chance to play in the league I sure believe he can.

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