East Texas and Louisiana rumbling

East Texas and Louisiana are both rumbling from problems at LSU and A&M. Albeit there may not be much happen but both schools will be mired in 3-4 months of drama that schools will use against them in recruiting. I wish we had more schollies open now but I think it is too late to make very much impact this year. Next year is another matter since Juniors are active now. I think we will get more Juniors to be open minded about Arkansas in spite of the Negative Recruiting against us. This is exciting as far as I am concerned.

Only time will tell.

This may be the first time we can take full advantage as far as I remember. We didn’t have the relationships in East Texas to ever take advantage of any problems at A&M in the past. This staff has the relationships for sure. Chavis and Cooper appear to have really good relationships in LA and some East Texas so that is an added bonus. We need a slight opening to get some kids to the Hill and start to dispel the lies and stories from many decades of negative recruiting. It really is mind boggling how many recruits are shocked to see it is different on their visit than what they have heard.