East Carolina or South Carolina, what's your choice?

I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but just in case we get through our regional, who do we want? I say East. South Carolina has a bunch of experience in post season, and has put us away a few times.

I think I’d prefer to not face USC. Our games were very close with them.

At Baum, we lost game one 2-3, then won games two and three 2-0 and 3-0.
At the SEC we won 13-8.

I’d prefer someone that is not so familiar with us or our stadium. Teams that
know each other so well can make for some difficult games.

Just my opine.

I’m definitely with you Votan, I prefer to go with someone less familiar. We got into So. Miss. head early and it was over. Just as long as Lou Holtz’s son isn’t coaching for ECU.

Let’s win tomorrow and then take on who ever survives the East Carolina Regional.
You have to beat good teams to advance to Omaha and once you make it to Omaha there will be tough matchups. So it don’t matter.

I’ve been wondering this myself. I don’t think it’s dangerous for fans to get ahead of things a bit on things like this. Players have to think about the next game, fans not so much. Besides, since we won last night it’s pretty safe to assume we’ll be back next week. (I don’t see how DB & USM’s 4th rung pitchers can hang with Campbell and our fresh BP.)

Either EC or SC will pose difficult obstacles. I think we’re better than both, but I’m sure we’re better than SC. However, I understand Votan’s point. SC isn’t likely to come in here & be intimidated. They’re the only SEC team to have gotten a win at Baum this year. They have pitching that’s good enough, and by next week fresh enough, to beat us. But familiarity cuts both ways. Our players have seen their pitchers, too. We’re playing well. We don’t have to sweep, just have to win two. I don’t think it’s likely SC beats us twice in Baum this year. I don’t think ECU does, either.

Fortunately, we don’t have to make the choice. We’ll get the hand we’re dealt. Just have to play it.

NEA, your post precisely reflects my thoughts on this subject.