Early word from the scrimmage

is it was injury free.

Well that’s good news, any news on who really stood out?

One observer said the first team D had a great scrimmage with two interceptions.

Treylon Burks and Michael Woods stood out.

Thanks RD

Heard Zach Williams showed out. He had reps on 1st, 2nd and 3rd team and finished with at least two sacks.

Another person said Hicks took snaps with the 1st team, Starkel with 2nd and JSJ with the third.

Not sure how true that is because I would think they would be sharing time with the ones.

Yeah, I’m with you RD…I don’t think that is true because CM said after the scrimmage that JSJ took the 1st team down the field for a TD in a 2 minute drill. He also said that Starkel had his best scrimmage yet.

Agree. I think maybe the person meant Hicks took the most snaps with the 1s.

It sounds like Starkel and JSJ may have outplayed Hicks today.

If accurate it’s a very good thing for our Hogs. Hicks came in as the steady eddie; the guy who knew the system. So, if true, the others have made great progress.

Spoke too soon. Looks like Deon Stewart suffered an injury after catching a pass.

Appears to be a knee.


I was typing as you answered.

One source said injury free after the scrimmage and another said some got dinged but nothing serious.

Apparently Morris said nothing major as far injuries.

Sometimes an injury looks minor when it’s not. If it’s a knee, that sucks because he’s a senior.

It also sounded to me like Starkel shined today from the reports Ive read. Def more touchdown passes and one int but it was deflected. Hard to tell from a couple articles but def got the offense in the end zone more.

Jordan Jones has a boot on in their pictures tonight.

Tough day for upperclass WRs…not good.

Deon’s mom confirmed on Facebook it was an ACL and he’s out for the season.

Man that is tough for Deon. Does he have a redshirt year to use?