Early Vegas lines for this week

MSU vs ARK -5 Ark
Aub vs TAM. -5 TAM
TN vs KY -3 KY
Liberty vs Ole Miss -13.5 Ole Miss
LSU vs BAMA. -25 Bama
MO vs GA. -39. GA
Fl vs SC. Not listed

CBS has Aub\TAM, ESPN MO\GA, LSU\Bama ,and TN\Ky. SEC: Liberty\Ole Miss, MSU\Ark,and Fl\SC

When was the last time a Bama-LSU line was 25?

Well, believe it or not, it was actually higher last year. 29 or 29 1/2 I want to say. But prior to that, I’m sure it had been forever.

SDS projections Next four Arkansas games.

SDS also projects Ark to Texas Bowl Jan 4 against Kansas State.

We’ve played KSU twice in bowl games since 2011. Won both times. I think we’re better than KSU & I badly want us to win whatever bowl we go to, but I admit I’m getting tired of seeing them.

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I am with you on that one. I am sure they are tired of seeing us as well. They are a good fan base to be around for a couple of days.

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