Early start

I’m working in Greenville, NC, this week and drove past the East Carolina U campus this morning around 7:15 a.m., not too long after dawn. There were floodlights on at a field next to the street and as I drove by I saw why. They were having spring football practice at 7:15. One, Feb. 22 is pretty early for spring practice, and two, 7:15 a.m. is REALLY early.

I frankly would say 7:15 AM is close to stupid.

Very interesting. There were definitely people out there in purple football uniforms this morning. But the ECU website says spring practice starts March 15 and ends April 9. Methinks they’re sneaking in a few extra practices…

Which I have seen before. Lou Holtz was known to have some extra practices inside the Broyles Center in January and February.

Are there any rules on having student-led practice? No coaches involved, but say a group of players decide to get together and practice on their own led by the team leaders, captains, upper-classmen, etc. How would the NCAA view that, or try to prevent it?

Obviously coaches couldn’t pressure any players to attend, strictly voluntary, but team mates could. Ideally hold this early morning before classes and other commitments during the day.

Somebody turned those floodlights on, and I don’t think it was the players…

There are player-led things all the time, like all summer. But they can’t have pads on. Definitely were in pads this morning.

Strength staff can lead them in football-Like drills and coaches can attend. I think this is standard now.

No problem, the NCAA sleeps til noon… goes home at 3:00.

They’re there that much?

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Maint crews been known to start early. Needed some lighting.
Dedicated players took advantage plus gave them more work to do. Everybody wins

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