Early signing period

Richard, how many of our commits is the coaching staff expected to sign in S few weeks? And could there be as good surprise or two on signing day?

Coaches always push for everyone to sign early. Will be surprised if they don’t all sign. There’s one that was uncertain on when he would sign but that was a week or so. Will have to check.

Always the potential for surprises but as of now I lean towards no.


So you don’t think we’re going to lose a bunch of prospects RD? A lot of doom and gloom recently amongst Razorback social media users.

I was talking to a parent last night and no surprise schools are still coming after the parents son.

A knowledgeable source said Pittman isn’t firing any position coaches. Do some leave for other jobs? That’s always a possibility. If a position coach leaves that can definitely hurt in keeping a kid.

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Doom and gloom, going bowling, 2-10 long gone. With a healthy QB, we likely would be 8-4 minimum. Aggie and Flame losses were mind boggling. Maybe some dissention in some unfortunate areas hurt our cause at Missouri.


Arkansas could’ve gone 10-2. They were that close but three-four plays went the other way. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall a season when Arkansas had so many opportunities to win games but a play or two went the other way.

Take away KJ’s int in Mizzou’s territory and Arkansas wins.


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