Early signing period in football is official

It had been approved by the NCAA, but the Conference Commissioners Association had to sign off on it. That formality has now been completed.

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I can remember when there was an early signing period, but it was conference letters only. I think the SEC had it, but I’m not sure other leagues did. A kid could commit to Bama in December and turn down Auburn or Tennessee, but he could still decide to sign with Oklahoma or Florida State in February. With this one, the kid will be signed, sealed and delivered to his new school in December.


So true.

Most people agree NCAA legislation is going to prop up and help the big boys? No way.

I’ll say this–there have been plenty of times we have had good players who have been cherry picked in January after they missed ourt on other targets.

My hope is the early period will reward good evaluation, which has been a strong suit of this staff.

The bluest of blue chips won’t be dictated too by an ultimatum and the blue bloods will have to save spots.

So, I disagree with the automatic assumption this will help the blue bloods and hurt others.

But, I’m sure the Harbaughs and Sabans will do everything they can to turn it into a further advantage and Espn will have extended features about their genius.

I couldn’t agree more with Notorious (save this for posterity’s sake). I think this will reward hardworking staffs that may see something before bigger programs get around to it. Anecdotally it seems that often we may be on a guy for awhile and at the last minute have a bigger program “jerk the rug out from under us,” so to speak. Of recent memory Florida comes to mind. The name of the JUCO secondary player escapes me at the moment.

I don’t think this staff is all that good at recruiting. They seem competent, but not exceptional. I have posted the numbers on here before, but the previous three staffs (John L Smith excluded) have posted similar recruiting rankings during their tenures. Nothing that has occurred the previous 5 years leads me to think that CBB is some savant for finding diamonds in the rough that out perform their rankings. Sure, we have overachievers, but we also have busts. We are typically ranked just outside the top 25 in recruiting and that is about the same location where we have finished at the end of the season under CBB’s guidance.

That said, I believe Dudley and Richard when they testify to the commitment to recruiting and this staff’s hardworking nature. I am hoping that this gives them an edge and I think it will. I believe this is a good outcome for the Hogs and this staff.

I have no idea how the early signing period will affect us–my only criterion when it comes to these sorts of rule changes–but I’m not sure it will have too much overall impact. It seems to me it just moves everything up on the calendar.

Perhaps it’s simple chauvinism, but I think this staff recruits well–or about as well as we could reasonably expect. There just seems to be too many variables that go into recruiting that no coach can control. (e.g. proximity of the school to the recruit, facilities, school’s overall rep, etc.) I know some individual coaches are good recruiters & some are bad, but I’ve noticed several times in the past when someone was lauded as a great recruiter he’s turned out to have used questionable means to land the recruits. Ole Miss comes to mind.