Early Pro Pitching Stats - 10 Former Hogs with 0.00 ERA

Majors (Beeks, Smyly, Stephan) -Combined10 games, 20 innings, 2 wins, 18 strike outs

Minors (Cronin, Kopps, Loseke, Lockhart, Scroggins, Wicklander, Reindl) - Combined 17 games, 29.2 innings, 53!! strike outs


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I hope you keep posting. I hope the hogs in pro ball all find success!

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Thanks for that info. Pretty awesome stats by former Hog pitchers. Some of which I was wondering where and how they were doing.

Good stuff.

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Dallas Kuechel having bad day today!!

4 make it another round: Majors (Beeks - win, 2 innings, 2 SO; Stephan - 1 inning)
Minors (Cronin - 1 inning, 1 SO: Kopps - 1 inning)

2 give up runs ( Loseke & Scroggins)

Smyly, Lockhart, Wicklander, Reindl are yet to throw this week

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