Early notes on Ole Miss

Lot’s changes and renewed focus.
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See where they are an early underdog to Memphis. That will be an interesting game.

Go Tigers Go! Beat Ole Miss!

The expectations for Ole Miss are about like the ones for the Hogs. It will be a battle to escape the cellar of the West probably.

I think OM could be better than most people are thinking and hope we as a fan base don’t give up on the season if we lose this one. I know they are young like us (for different reasons) but I think they made significant upgrades in both coordinators with Rich Rod and Macyntire. It will be interesting to see how these former head coaches work together; i.e., will there be “too many chiefs” and not enough scouts.

I am actually glad we are catching them early. It just seems almost every year there are a few teams that end up outperforming their expectations and a few that fall well below expectations.

I hate OM with a passion, but I think we’d be better off if they beat Memphis. I’m not sure if that game’s outcome will affect the outcome with us or if that game’s outcome will even portend how our game will turn out. However, I’d rather beat a 1-0 OM team than an 0-1 OM team. For that matter, I’d rather lose to a 1-0 team than an 0-1 team. I wouldn’t mind seeing Memphis beat up on the OM players, though. Just make them a bit less able to play a week later.

I always root for Arkansas and anybody who plays Ole Miss… anybody. So come that Saturday when Mississippi plays Memphis High, I will pull for the Tigers. I bet you will too, NE. Ole Miss lost an outstanding quarterback last year…he will be very difficult to replace. I am still disappointed in Coach Morris for that coaching effort against Ole Miss in Little Rock last year. If he can pull out a win in Oxford, I will jump back on the bandwagon. I know we had beaten those rascals 5 years in a row, but we should not have lost that game last year. That loss was hard to take. We had that ballgame and let it slip through our fingers. If that was any other SEC team, it wouldn’t eat at me like that, but it wasn’t. It was Ole Miss.

Rich Rodriguez is probably the coach in waiting at Ole Miss, unfortunately. He is a good recruiter and a good coach. This year should be interesting for both Arkansas and Ole Miss. We are both picked at the bottom of the West, so we shall see who rises above the expectations.

Many in Mississippi are worried about that Memphis game. They really need to win it in a bad way. If they can they feel Arkansas is a win, as they feel Memphis is better than us.

I now understand why so many Arkansas fans are negative towards Ole Miss, because those people for some reason look down their noses at most of us in the SEC. Talk about rose colored glasses.

Stuck on stupid. That’s ole a miss.
Delusion drug must be in the water or flowers in Oxford.