Early look at UNC stats

This is just a shot of the season stats for the starting lineup. No pitching shown. I just grabbed the lineup from their last game and got the season stats for them.

They can crush the baseball now! murders row.

They can definitely mash. So could Okie Lite.

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Very similar type team

Yeah the Ark v OSU broadcast kept saying the regions hitting the most homeruns were ours and the UNC region.

Looks to be another slug fest.

I like our chances at UNC. Obviously it’ll be harder to win 2 of 3 on their field, but I don’t think they’re any better than most of the SEC teams we’ve faced on the road. We’re playing well at the right time.

They played 5 games this weekend, we only played 4. Not sure that makes much difference, but it might. We have the disadvantage of having to travel. They get to sleep in their own beds & will have their fans there (although I bet they don’t play in front of huge crowds.)

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  • Dimensions: 335 feet down the left-field line, 370 feet to left-center, 400 feet to center field, 355 feet to right-center and 340 feet down the right-field line.

LH hitters will love it

Capacity: 4,100 listed, 5,000 with standing-room

I just put their stadium info up only 5000 max so small for us

Not saying you’re wrong, but…

We essentially did just that against the #7 National Seed. And I’d say Stillwater is a tougher environment than Chapel Hill (though we might have noticeably fewer fans in the stands in NC).

Announced crowd tonight for the UNC-VCU game was 4160. They got 3321 yesterday against Jawja.

No doubt about it. We’ve been to Omaha going through hostile regionals & super regionals more than once.

Speaking of crowds, the OSU crowd was hardly impressive tonight. I don’t mean that they were quiet, but that there weren’t many of them. Just nothing like we’d have had at Baum-Walker.

Wow, they almost have as many HR’s as we do… we beat them. This Hog team is rested and confident.

There are very few schools that can match crowds in Arkansas. Basically it would be LSU (when they are good), RebNecks, and Moo U. Remember when the announcers touted Oregon State for having some 4,000 at a Super Regional? Arkansas had that many at Baum to watch a CWS game on the video board.


How does their stats stack-up against SEC pitching and do you even think that will be a difference maker?

They’ve played two SEC teams: Lost big to SoCar in a midweek in the AAA park in Charlotte, and edged Georgia in the regional thanks to a great catch that took away a tying HR.

They’ve played a lot of teams in the tournament: Miami, VTech, Louisville, Virginia, FSU, ND, Wake, Liberty, GTech, ECU, Coastal Carolina. Lost series to Miami, Louisville, GT, UVa and VT, beat ECU, Wake and Coastal, split two midweeks with Liberty, and swept Florida State.

And they got hot at the end; they’ve only lost 3 times since May 1 and won the ACCT.

I’d say it’s very hard to tell much about who should be better based on the W-L history. Both teams did okay but not great in their conferences, but both have heated up in the regional. I’d give UNC the edge just because they’re the home team. I’d give us the edge if we were playing in Baum.

They actually have two more than we do. They have 100 we have 98

The offense that showed up in Stillwater will have to show up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina has been hitting the ball well for a long time and it’s a hitters ballpark, Connor will have to be wheeling and dealing to keep them in check. We definitely can’t afford Jekyll and Hyde performance out of the offense this weekend, I don’t think we will.

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