Early list of visitors for the Red-White game

at Barnhill arena.

Should be a big weekend.

2020 Jaylin Williams- Ft. Smith Northside

2022 Quion Williams- Jonesboro

2021 Daimion Collins- Atlanta, Texas

2022 Kel’el Ware- NLR

2022 Nick Smith Jr. - Sylvan Hills

2020 Davonte Davis- Jacksonville

2021 Ryan Maxwell- Jacksonville

2022 Javion Guy-King- Mills


2021 Trey Alexander- Oklahoma City, Okla Heritage Hall

Will go ahead and put forward Keon Ambrose-Hylton for an OV on the Oct. 11-13 weekend.

Then Kyree still on as an official right RD? These kids all unoffical?

Jaxson Robinson will visit Oct. 19, not this weekend. Trey is unsure if he’ll be able to make it.

2022 North Little Rock big Keli Ware , 6-9, 190 is confirmed.

What about Kyree, is he still coming?

At this time, I would say no. Haven’t been able to confirm with his dad.

This dudes recruitment seems like a headache to keep up with RD lol. Dudes don’t seem to want to call anybody back.

Yep, getting crazy.

As with recruiting, the list has changed and Davonte Davis will now visit this weekend.

Trey Alexander and his family will be celebrating his grandfather’s birthday.

Adding Javion Guy-King to the list: https://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019/aug/26/hogs-first-offer-state-sophomore-guard/

I thought you saw my other post. Walker cancelled his visit, with his Dad adding that they will reschedule to a week after or later.

Yeah, I saw it, the post you replied to was three days old

Walker is making me mad. Don’t know what is going on with him. I had thought he would be that first domino,

Yeah, I’d watch China

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Hearing a domino is falling.

I hear dominos delivers.

Did all the recruits who were scheduled make it? I read about some but not all.

All but Nick Smith. Something came up that prevented them from making it.