Early list for Saturday's cookout

Not Kobe. Different kid.

Breylen told Benton coach Brad Harris he was on his way earlier today. I know he visited Ole Miss yesterday but I haven’t heard anything that makes me think he’s going anywhere but Arkansas.

Last I checked with Lang, he plan to officially visit for the Bama game. Arkansas is in good shape with him. Will have to check on Deal but last I heard, I wasn’t feeling it for Arkansas. Things could obviously change.

Posted this on McDonald the other day. Will check in a few days to see if the visit has been set yet. Either way, I expect him to attend a game whether it be for an official visit or unofficial. I lean towards an official.

Waiting to confirm but I’m almost positive another target is at Arkansas now. As soon as I confirm, I’ll mention the kid.

If there’s a 2025 prospect who could be a candidate for being the first commitment in the class, it would be TE Davon Mitchell.

There’s no doubt Arkansas is in very, very good shape with him.

Friday’s column:

This kid didn’t make it either. I was told he was coming but guess not.

'25 RB Jamarion Parker also didn’t make it yesterday.

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