Early, in-depth look at 2018-19

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Good indeprh analysis Scottie. I was looking for that on the freshmen since I have forgotten some of what I read when they signed.

I am very high on Garland, one of the best allround guard I saw in Arkansas HS. One of the best finishers Parkview has had according to Coach Flanagan. However in my opinion I don’t think you can call Garland a true PG. I know he wants to be a PG, but he has not had a lot of minutes at that position to have the instincts of a true PG yet. Instincts is what I believe separates true PGs from combo PGs. You can only become “true” by playing a lot at that position to develop thise instincts.

Other than Dustin Thomas, my biggest disappointment of the last season is not having Garland. I thought he was the mostvready freshman coming in. Him sharing minutes with Beard woukd gave taken us to the next level, I gave no doubt. Plus he could have guarded guys like Butler’s Martin better than Barford.

By the way, you can’t get Perry out of your mind like I can’t. See your paragraph on Chaney.

Thanks for a great look to the next season.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m positive he played point guard at Parkview. That’s what I was basing my assessment on. Thank you for the kind words. Took me longer to get this out than I anticipated.

I saw Parkview three times when he was a senior. I would like to hear from thise who watched more of Parkview on what they saw. He dies have a nice handle, BTW.

Hey Scottie, do you still have the link to that tweet discussing lineups for next year. I remember seeing it in my feed when I was on the road, but then never could find it again. I know you mentioned Jaylen Barford commented on it.


The initial tweet on the lineups: https://twitter.com/RedZone921/status/9 … 4760999937

Thanks Scottie. That was entertaining and informative. I wanted to believe in next years team and while they are young, talent is talent. It should be a fun year.

Wanted to pick your brain on a couple of things.

Do you see the, settling on Chaney at the 4, assuming Gafford stays, I think developing a solid starter at 4 by conference time is a key to the next season that has an outside shot at making postseason. A bulkier Gafford and a physical Chaney can really shore up one of our weaknesses this season

Do you see us settling on a traditional 3 with a good handle? I am looking at Hall starting in that spot with Phillips and CJ as the bench. I think playing 3 relatively short guards really hurt us. Most teams seemed to have length at the 3 spot. Defending the 3 was really hard on Barford. Guys like Kevin Knox, David Hogg had a party at Barford’s expense.

I am sure starting lineup on opening day will be Gafford, Bailey, Hall, CJ and Harris. I hope we settle on the following rotation by conference time

5 - Gafford, Henderson
4 - Chaney, Bailey, Osabuohien
3 - Hall, Phillips, CJ
2 - Joe, Embery, Sills
1 - Harris, Garland

You do know that both Knox and Hogg are 6’9". They are tough matches for anyone.
I know that Anderson likes to start upper classmen but if CJ does not take a big jump he will not start.

I wouldn’t sleep on CJ being out of the rotation by conference time. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people next year. With shooters, sometimes it’s hard to stay in rhythm while only playing spot minutes, we seen that with Athlon Bell, he really struggled shooting the ball at times until his senior year when he got consistent minutes. I expect a big off-season from CJ and for him to have a big junior year, I’ve seen enough flashes from him to know he’s going to eventually put it together and be a really good player. I think he’ll be a top 3 scorer on the team next year, and wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was the leading scorer.

Hall also IMO is going to be a really good player. I look for his offense to have a huge jump next year.

I do know Knox and Hogg are 6-9. That is why Hall and Phillips with their 6-7 will have a chance that Barford 6-3 did not have.

I agree about CJ. That is why I mentioned that CJ will start on opening day, but not later.

I agree that it is too early to put a ceiling on Jones. Despite inconsistent play in the SEC he still shot 37% from the arc on the season on 3 trey attempts per game. Attempts dropped to two treys in conference. As a frosh, Buddy Hield shot 23% from the arc on 3 attempts per game and then jumped to 39% as a soph on almost 8 attempts per game. Furthermore, it is difficult to judge how much a player can improve over a summer. Qualls, Madden, Bell, and Durham all had major year-over-year leaps that I would not have predicted. Hannahs was a far better player for us than he had been at Texas Tech. Guys keep working.

I was seen someone in another thread say if CMA couldn’t win with a group of seniors he won’t ever be able to win. I didn’t think about it until after reading this thread that we were indeed old in age this year but we weren’t that experienced, when you talk about guys time spent in the system. Most of our key guys only had 1 or 2 years experience. And that may have had some factoring in why our defense wasn’t as good as it normally is, I know CMA and staff have always said it really takes about 2 years to really grasp the rotations and what they are looking for on the defensive end.

This year’s roster experience…

Trey Thompson (4 Years)
Anton Beard (3 1/2 Years, was suspended from all team activities for a semester)
Dustin Thomas (2 1/2 Years, was suspended from all team activities for a semester)
Jaylen Barford (2 Years)
Daryl Macon (2 Years)
Arlando Cook (2 Years)
Adrio Bailey (2 Years)
CJ Jones (2 Years)
Daniel Gafford (1 Year)
Gabe Osabouhein (1 Year)
Darious Hall (1 Year)

And comparing that to next year’s roster…

CJ Jones (3 Years)
Adrio Bailey (3 Years)
Daniel Gafford (2 Years)
Darious Hall (2 Years)
Gabe Osabouhein (2 Years)
Jalen Harris (2 Years)
Khalil Garland (1 Year, hasn’t been cleared for full activity yet)
Isiah Joe (1 Year)
Keyshawn Embery (1 Year)
Reggie Chaney (1 Year)
Jordan Phillips (1 Year)
Desi Sills (1 Year)
Ethan Henderson (1 Year)

Does anyone know what’s the youngest team CMA has ever had and how well they did?

Mike’s youngest team dating back to 2006-07 - his first year at Missouri - is his first at Arkansas (2011-12). It was the 316th most experienced team in the country (1.07 years exp.), according to KenPom. That team had just two seniors (Michael Sanchez, Marvell Waithe) and one junior (Julysses Nobles) and finished 18-14 overall, 6-10 in the SEC. Interestingly, Missouri had the third-most experienced team that same season.

Arkansas’ last three teams have been Mike’s most experienced in that span.