Early Enrollees

Perhaps this question gets asked a lot and I’m just blind, but I wanted to get an answer from you guys. If star ratings are given to a recruit’s ability to immediately play, then how may a recruit’s rating adjust if he is an early enrollee? For example, take a guy like Korey Hernandez. He has a low 80’s rating on 247. Because he enrolled early, we can assume it’s going to help his game out quite a bit. Perhaps an adjusted recruit ranking would reflect a higher 80’s skill level after spring ball. He probably wouldn’t be considered a four star talent, but we assume he would be better going into fall camp than if he graduated high school in the spring. So, in our minds can we bump an early enrollee’s rank by half a star? Let me know if you need a better picture of the point I’m trying to make.

I’ve never really seen a bump in terms of early enrollees, but then again I have to admit I have never looked for it either.

There is going to be a benefit. Should they get a higher rating? I probably would say not really. I would say the big benefit is that you know you’ve got them. They are in school and you aren’t sweating perhaps a late flip. I think there is advancement in learning that would allow some to play more quickly. McTelvin Agim sure did get a better idea of what he was up against and benefit. But he was a five star. I think Jeremiah Ledbetter got a big bump two years ago by arriving at mid-term and it allowed him to play quickly. Most are going to redshirt anyway, but maybe a few in this nice bunch do figure it out a little sooner and get on the field as true freshmen.

I guess I should have clarified. I wouldn’t expect their actual rank to adjust. This is more hypothetical. Sorry!

I think the early enrollee and early contributor are the big factors for the staff this year in my opinion. People are upset that some AR kids are being offered by some big name schools, but those kids are going to be 2-3 years from contributing (most likely). CBB needs the help NOW. The kids we have committed are just a little bigger NOW and that is why they went the direction they did. We can’t wait, which sucks because I love rooting for the home grown kids the most.