Early, Early Lines from Vegas

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About what I expected, but has A&M identified a QB yet?

-28 at Bama…wow. Seems high.

I like the Hogs getting 6.5 against the Aggies as well. We should have a big advantage at QB in that game.

I am not going to put much stock in the national view of our team. The nation looks at how bad our oline last year and our defense has been BAD for 2 years. We couldn’t run against the big boys or protect AA for the passing game. I truly believe the Oline was an anomaly last year so the offense will be much better with AA in a solid pocket. Last year’s melt down in the last 2 games sticks in the Nation’s mind when projecting us. Heck it sticks in my mind but I recognize the nuances of our def scheme and how the roster impacted last year.

I’m not real good with understanding how betting odds work, but I think this means they believe we are going to be an unmitigated disaster on the field this year.

Am I reading that right?

Pretty much.