Early Bracket has Hogs as a #6 seed

Way, way too early for any acuracy in these things. But, as fans, it’s fun to speculate.

And its nice to be included.


would have taken a 6 Seed BEFORE the season started?

I know I would have.

It’s hard to believe people actually get paid for spending time to put something like this together. I do like the fact people notice the Hogs might be a pretty good team.

It’s always good being lower than an 8 seed; gives a solid chance of winning two tourney games (that’ll keep us from playing game one against the Tarheels.).

We might avoid game 1 against the Tar Heels but you can bet the farm they will be waiting for the game 2 matchup!

Shelby Mast has us in his too. He has us as a 10 seed. And in UNC’s region

“Joey Brackets” at ESPN doesn’t have us in. His last update, the day before our CO State road game, had us in his group “next four out”. Maybe he’ll move us up in his next bracket update. He’s got FL and LSU both in and they’ve been pretty bad so far this season.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … acketology